(caution) SCC Instructor Briefcase / Web Grading is currently unavailable.

Software Upgrade in Progress


Portions of our Internet services are currently unavailable due to a comprehensive software upgrade. We apologize for any inconvenience to you.

Additional Information

Any grades for summer classes not submitted online by 8:00 PM on August 18, 2015 will need to be submitted manually. The deadline for summer quarter MANUALLY GRADED ROSTERS is 8:00 PM, Monday, August 24, 2015.

  • Contact your department administrative assistant for printed grade sheets for classes not graded by August 18.
  • Please enter grades, sign, and send the grade sheets to Kelly Mallicoat in the Transcript office by August 24.
  • For any summer class that has not ended by August 24, 2015, please send the graded sheet(s) to Kelly immediately after the class ends.
  • Options for sending manual grading sheets to Kelly:

Printed grade sheets will be available from department administrative assistants on or after August 19, 2015.

Thank you for your patience during this software upgrade.

Get more information about our software changes and how you can prepare here.

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